2003--"A Battle of Wills" (Laughing and Learning: Adventures in Parenting  Grace
Abrahams Publishing)
2005-- "Some Snowballs Don't Melt" (Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul)
2006--"Things that go Bump in the Night" (Holiday Crafts 4 Kids January issue)
2006--" Honey Where's the Instruction Booklet on this Kid?" (Sasee magazine March issue)
2006--Article published (
2007-- Guest column: "The Toilet is Overflowing and the Dog is Wearing My Underwear." (Sanity Central)The
2007--"Potty Mouth" (Parenting Humor October)
2007--"Proceed with Caution" (Chicken Soup for the Coffee Lover's Soul)
2007—“Confessions of a Coffee-Crazed Addict” (San Marcos Daily Record 22 Nov. 07)
2008—“I Have My Parent’s Eyes” (Adoption Today April/May)
2008—“Chasing After Aprons” (Sasee July)
2008-- "Some Snowballs Don't Melt" (Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Wisdom of Dads)** see note
2009--"And Then A Hero Comes Along" (Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs)
2009--article at Glassfire magazine
2009-- "Marks on the Heart" (Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times, Tough People)
2009--Field editor Taste of Home magazine
2011--Amelia Frump and her Peanut Butter Loving, Overactive Imagination (DWB Publishing
Children’s Line )
2011--”Klutzin’ Around the Christmas Tree” ( Klutzin’Around the Christmas Tree anthology DWB Publishing)
2012--”He’s My Brother” (Stories for Children magazine Feb./March issue)
2012--Amelia Cooking Up a Peanut Butter Storm (DWB Children's line)
2012--"Age is a State of Mind..." (Midlife College Writing Contest 1st place)
2013--Amelia Cooking Up a Peanut Butter Storm (DWB Children's line)
2013--"Adventures in the Aisles" (Gingersnaps and Candy Canes  anthology DWB Publishing)
2014--White Pizza with Roasted Tomatoes (Taste of Home  magazine  Feb/March p. 46)
2015--He's My Brother  (DWB Children's Line)
2015--"Life is Beautiful..." (Mothers Always Write
2015--The Toilet's Overflowing and the Dog is Wearing My Underwear  (DWB Publishing)
2016--Finalist, Pen to Paper " Life is Beautiful ..."
2017--Wealth  Veronique Hahn and Debbie Roppolo (DWB Publishing)
2017--First place winner (Special Needs/Disability Awareness category) Dragonfly Book Awards    He's My Brother
2017--Honorable Mention (Humor category) Dragonfly Book Awards  The Toilet's Overflowing...
2018--​Amelia Frump and the Billion-Cajillion Dollar Adventure (DWB Publishing)

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