Debbie Roppolo


So, you wish to know more about brave soul.


Award-winning author (and sometimes illustrator) Debbie Roppolo grew up in the Blackland Prairie region of Texas, where miles of grassland and her horse stimulated very imaginative adventures and served as writing fodder for later years. She had to do something with those memories; having tea parties with chickens was too good to keep to herself.

Debbie has written for several of the Chicken Soup books in addition to various magazines and newspapers.  She has authored several children’s books, two of which are award-winners.  

Cooking is her second passion, and Debbie holds the honor of being an eight-time award-winning baker.

Married for over thirty years, she resides in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, and where she is the zookeeper of two dogs, a couple of sons, argumentative mockingbirds, and the occasional curious cottontail rabbit. and two children.